Monetization, Community Building and Social Media for Podcasts (PodCon 2017 Workshop)

Amanda, Julia and Eric Silver from Join the Party led a workshop at PodCon 2017 on how to grow your community, make money, and market your podcast. We had a ton of fun and met a lot of incredible podcasters! 

The audio from the session is above. Our slide deck is here, the session handout (great for taking notes!) is here, and notes are below. Let us know what you think! We're @shessomickey, @juliaschifini and @el_silvero, and the workshop hashtag is #podconcommunity.

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Wonder Woman writer Greg Rucka on Queerness, Mythology and Storytelling in the DC Universe

Greg Rucka is the writer at the helm of DC’s Wonder Woman. As a comic book writer and novelist he is no stranger to working on well-known and beloved series, having contributed to the likes of Wolverine, Star Wars, Batwoman, and Punisher.

He recently guest starred on Spirits to discuss the mythology behind Wonder Woman and the challenges of writing this classic hero today.

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