Guest Appearances

Flash Forward

We speak with Flash Forward creator Rose Eveleth about cosmic witches, Puritan panic, and numerology in "The Witch Who Came from Mars."

Historical Hotties

Which historical aviator was the hottest of them all? Amanda and Julia duke it out on this lighthearted, deeply researched historical podcast.

Loose Canon

On every episode of Loose Canon, host Caroline Fulford discusses a great movie not typically included in the "film canon." We reviewed the classic film She's the Man and got really excited about historical broship in 1776.


We accompany Mike Schubert as he reads the Harry Potter books for the first time on Potterless. We've been on too many episodes to list here—just subscribe already!



Chartable Radio

Hear about the origins and current work of Multitude on this interview with Amanda on Chartable Radio.

I Am Hear

Amanda and Eric Silver (Join the Party) talk about D&D, making good stories, toxic masculinity, and making art with intention on this episode of I Am Hear.

Lez Geek Out!

Amanda discusses queerness, geekery, and designing shows for all listeners in this interview about her experience co-creating Join the Party on this special episode of Lez Geek Out.

The Once & Future Nerd

Amanda, Julia and Eric Silver talk about myth-making, storytelling, and how stories affect how we think about ourselves in this bonus episode of The Once and Future Nerd.

Podcast Launchpad

Hear Amanda and Julia tell the origin story of Spirits on the first episode of this podcast for aspiring podcasters, featuring the challenges Spirits faced during its first year. 

Radio Drama Revival

Amanda and Eric Silver, her co-host on Join the Party, discuss how they run an inclusive audio drama powered by roleplaying game mechanics with friend of the show David Rheinstrom.



Get Amanda's take on the podcasting industry, learn common errors newbies make, and get a glimpse of her own future on this episode of Studio by Daring Creative. 

Tuned In Dialed Up

Julia, Amanda and Eric Silver talk about social media and community management for podcasters in this interview from Podcast Movement 2018.


Audio Fiction - Cast

Join the Party

Amanda plays a teen rogue assassin in the collaborative storytelling and roleplaying podcast Join the Party. Julia guest stars as Kohl the Tiefling Artificer in the first and sixth arcs, and Eric intones a prophecy in episode eight.


Julia stars as Dr. Winifred Eurus (and shares a lot of Ocean facts!) in this science fiction adventure.


What's the Frequency?

Hear Julia voice a creepy widow in this psychedelic noir podcast drama set in 1940s Los Angeles. 


Audio Fiction - Guest Appearances

Alba Salix

Julia and Amanda guest star as royal librarians with a drinking hobby in season two of the excellent audio drama Alba Salix.

Greater Boston

We host a Halloween special on the mythology of this bi-monthly full-cast audio drama set in the Boston metro area.

Our Fair City

This crossover episode features Amanda and Julia as molepeople-hunting podcasters. We also lent our voices to a Season Eight episode of this post-apocalyptic sci-fi radio epic.

Small Town Horror

Julia takes a trip to the psych ward as a guest actor on the always creepy, always cool Small Town Horror podcast.